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Kafka Was An Optimist, Continued

Comic Transcript

KING: Ubersoft Technical Support, King speaking. How may I assist you today?

CUSTOMER: Well… you could explain this whole FBI thing.

KING: Beg pardon?

CUSTOMER: I called in earlier today, complaining about a problem I was having with my product activation software that culminated in a system message informing me that the software may have been pirated and that my phone number and home address had been sent to the FBI. A few hours later the FBI showed up.

KING: Right. I can explain that.

CUSTOMER: I should hope so!

KING: The computer sent your address directly to the FBI headquarters in Virginia. They had to contact the appropriate branch office and assemble a team from there, which is why it took so long for them to get to your house.

CUSTOMER: You know, I’d find that explanation a lot more interesting if it didn’t involve THE FBI COMING TO MY HOUSE.

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