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Last Call

Comic Transcript

BARTENDER: LAST CALL, people! You don’t have to pass out at home, but you can’t do it here!

MONK: C’mon, Mark. Let’s get Binky out of here and go look for Alex.

MARK: This way, Binky…

ALEX: Hey guys… I just had a fairly confusing conversation with my sister…t hey may or may not be sending someone here to help us. Did you learn anything?

MONK: yeah, we sort of know where the third Binky is.

MARK: But we need to sober this one up before we get the rest of the details.

DRINKY: I’m FINE. Let go, I can stand by myself!

(DRINKY falls over.)

(DRINKY throws up.)

MONK: He’s going to need coffee.

MARK: … and a breath mint.

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