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Welcome To The Luddite Bar And Grill

Comic Transcript

MARK: Well… here we are.

MONK: Um… interesting.

ALEX: “Interesting” is one word. “A real dive” is another.

MARK: Sure, it’s not pretty, but I’m sure it has a warm, inviting-yet-rugged atmosphere, and that once everyone hears our tale of woe they’ll welcome us with open —

(Sound of door slamming as a person goes hurtling out the door past them.)


BARTENDER: If you ever bring one of those !@#$% Blackberry gadgets into my bar again I’ll break both your legs!

EJECTED BAR PATRON: (Lands on the ground with a “WHUMP!”)


MARK: — Arms.

MONK: They seem to have a somewhat expanded “no cell phone policy.”

ALEX: I’m taking off my rig.

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