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Yet Another Egregious Fourth-Wall Violation

Comic Transcript

ALEX: We interrupt this storyline already in progress to address a very important question: “how many Binkys ARE there?

MARK: Because there has been some confusion over the exact number, we’ve decided to recap the appearance of each new Binky in order to give you the accurate count.

ALEX: September 19, 2000: Binky is split into three separate entitites when the Boss demonstrates what he will do if the government splits his company into three pieces.

MARK: Total: three Binkys.

ALEX: April 19, 2005: copies of Binky are used to act as an interface between me and my conscience, replacing my traditional shoulder angel and shoulder devil.

MARK: Total: five Binkys.

ALEX: May 3, 2005: one of the little conscience-Binkys is placed ina bucket, which is then filled with concrete and buried in the backyard.

MARK: Total: four Binkys. For now.

ALEX: October 18, 2005: the original Binky is fired, which leads to him being hired by Apple and transformed into Steve, the suave, debonair iClip.

MARK: Total: three Binkys.

ALEX: So now you know how many Binkys there are.

MARK: Too !@#$% many.

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