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Spin, Evade, Deny

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Ubersoft Technical Support. Alex speaking.

CUSTOMER: I’ve been hearing rumors that your Boss has lost his edge where evil is concerned, and is skipping around the Ubersoft offices, giving out ponies to everyone he meets. Is this true?

ALEX: No. That’s not true.

CUSTOMER: Aha! So it IS true.

ALEX: I just told you it WASN’T true.

CUSTOMER: Yes, but everyone knows you lie to your customers all the time! Therefore it IS true.

ALEX: We only lie to our customers when it is beneficial for us to do so. So either the Boss HAS lost his edge, and it’s beneficial for us to lie about it, or he HASN’T, and there’s no benefit in us claiming he HAS.


CUSTOMER: I need a moment to work that out.

ALEX: Try diagramming it.

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