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War On Christmas!

War On Christmas!

Comic Transcript

ALICE: Soooo… Mark… which game are you most looking forward to playing over the Christmas holiday?

MARK: “Ultima V: Lazarus.”

ALICE: … huh?

MARK: In 1988 Origin system published “Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny,” a sequel to the hugely-popular “Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.”

MARK: When Gas Powered Games released Dungeon Siege a few years ago — a fantasy game with its own game editor — a bunch of fans of the original Ultima V decided to re-create the entire game using the Dungeon Siege Editor, to give it modern graphics, and to expand the original gameplay to make the already immersive game even more immersive. They’ve announced that it’ll be released December 22.


ALICE: So… wait… the game you’re most looking forward to is a game that is being created for free?

MARK: Well, you have to own a legitimate copy of the original Dungeon Siege. Which I do.

ALICE: Still… what you’re saying is that you’re more interested in this game that was created by fans and is being released for free over any of the new games being sold today that use the very latest in gaming technology?

MARK: Yes.

BOSS: Christmas is under attack!

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