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It’s Not You, It’s Me

It's Not You, It's Me

Comic Transcript

BOSS: Binky. Stop this nonsense, remove that ridiculous outfit, and come with me at once.

STEVE: Sorry, Sport, but I’m afraid that cheerful, winking, empty-headed me is a thing of the past. I work here now… and my name is “Steve,” if you don’t mind. I know it’s not a unique name in these parts, but it reflects an esprit de corps we never had at the old digs.

STEVE: There’s a new life for me here, old man — a life where I’m actually useful instead of a perennially-sunny, sadly vapid monstrosity that does nothing but induce desperation and madness.

STEVE: The sky’s the limit for me here — I’m sure you understand.


BOSS: I did not give you permission to touch me.

STEVE: My mistake.

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