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STEVE: Ah, my friends… how good of you to visit!

STEVE: Mark, you old dog, you… still valiantly trying to bring forth order out of chaos? Still being tormented by your computer? You’re staying away from computer games, I hope…

STEVE: And Alex… Alex! Wielding a wit as sharp as any razor, unflappable to the end… I do hope the customers haven’t interfered with your games of Solitaire too much…

STEVE: Phil… my progenitor… I sprang like your mind like Athena from a drunken Zeus… I can’t begin to thank you enough for having both the inspiration and the complete lack of self-preservation to bring me forth.

STEVE: And you… what can I say? It was your diabolical genius that completed me, the original me, and it was your decision to kick me out of the safety of my nest that forced me to fly. Thank you. I will not forget it.

ALEX: I don’t remember him having arms a second ago.

STEVE: They’re retractable.

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