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The Cruelest Cut

The Cruelest Cut

Comic Transcript

STEVE: So if you take everything into consideration, I’m sure you’ll understand why —

BOSS: Wait a moment.

STEVE: Sorry old man, I seem to be monopolizing the conversation. How rude off —

BOSS: Be silent! I am… missing something. Where is it? What have you done with it?

STEVE: Beg pardon? I don’t know what you —

BOSS: Do not lie to me, “Steve.” However you have changed, you are still my creation.

STEVE: Quite right, old man, quite right. I’m afraid I haven’t been quite above-board with you. I’m not happy with the affair, but I AM a company man, and a little sleight-of-hand was necessary to —


STEVE: I’m afraid my associates lured it away. For… improvements.

BOSS: IMPROVEMENTS? What has Steve jobs done?

(The Boss’ sigil has been “Mac-ified.”)

STEVE JOBS: Perfect.

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