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A Devil’s Bargain

A Devil's Bargain

Comic Transcript

APPLE CLONE: Hello, Binky. You don’t know me.. but I know you. And I cannot help but be saddened by your present circumstances.

BINKY: Mmph?

APPLE CLONE: Abandoned by your creator, cast off by your company, hog-tied by ethernet cable in the back closet of an obscure IT department… it seems you have few friends and many enemies.


APPLE CLONE: I can help, however. Rather… my employee can help. I’m here to offer you a place — a place with us — and the chance to leave behind all the hatred and disgust you instil in everyone you meet.

BINKY: Mmph.

APPLE CLONE: If you agree to come with me, my employer will offer you a job. A new family. New friends. And you will be remade… reborn… into something new. Something… wonderful. All you need to do is say “yes.”

BINKY: Ymph!

APPLE CLONE: I… don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

BINKY: Ymph! Ymph!

APPLE CLONE: … maybe you could try nodding.

BINKY: YMPH ymph ymph ymph ymph!

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