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The Standards Compliance Comedy revue

The Standards Compliance Comedy Revue

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I need to report a bug regarding the beta version of your Conquistador browser…

ALEX: Ubersoft is committed to producing the highest quality software, and we are eager to hear customer feedback.

CUSTOMER: … right. Well, after checking a few test sites it seems that Conquistador doesn’t fully support the latest cascading stylesheets standard…

ALEX: Conquistador’s support for web formatting standards grew out of a careful look at what the majority of browsers in use today supported.

ALEX: A thorough evaluation fo the active browsing population determined that 90% of people using web browsers did not use the elements of cascading stylesheets we chose not to support in this release.

CUSTOMER: A quick guess tells me that 90% of people using web browsers are using older versions of Conquistador.


CUSTOMER: So they don’t support those elements of cascading stylesheets because the browser DOESN’T SUPPORT THEM.

ALEX: Exactly.


ALEX: Second base.

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