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Improvement Through Inclusion

Improvement Through Exclusion

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Hello, I’m currently enrolled in your Ubersoft Conquistador 11.0 beta program…

ALEX: Welcome to the Ubersoft Conquistador beta program. here you will have the opportunity to test our next-generation browser technology, as well as get a taste of the new cutting-edge design elements incorporated into the new release of Nifty Doorways, Verandah.

CUSTOMER: New, cutting-edge design elements?

ALEX: That’s right. Ubersoft has pushed the boundaries of user interface design, and many of these changes are reflected in the latest incarnation of our browser.

CUSTOMER: How exactly are you pushing the boundaries of user interface design? By adding tabbed browsing, a feature that has been available in every other browser out there for at least a year?

ALEX: Of course not. Tabbed browsing isn’t new. We have, however, made the technology far more useful than it was.

CUSTOMER: How did you do that?

ALEX: By putting it in our browser.

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