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The Three To Six Year Plan

The Three To Six Year Plan

Comic Transcript

THE PRESS: Hello, I’m calling from InfoThud (TM) Magazine and I was wondering if you had any comment on the next release of the Nifty Doorways operating system.

ALEX: Ubersoft has spent a great deal of time and effort designing the next step in the evolution of our operating system, which we are calling “Nifty Doorways Veranda.”

THE PRESS: Nifty… Doorways… Veranda… Anything else?

ALEX: The operating system will have a number of new cutting-edge features, most of which we will remove just before release because they won’t be working yet.

ALEX: Some time after that we’ll re-introduce those features in a service pack, which will then cause three to five years of security vulnerabilities that we will ignore until the public outcry becomes so huge we’re forced to take steps to fix them.

THE PRESS: And then what?

ALEX: Oh, by then we’ll be two years behind schedule on the next version of Nifty Doorways.

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