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Self-Serving Public Service

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: You have to admit, the fact that you downgrade the “Croc” applications — in effect no longer classifying them as spyware — at the same time a rumor emerges that you are planning to buy their company is, ah, a bit suspicious.

ALEX: Not at all.

ALEX: It is only inevitable during these talks that we would learn more about them. And as we did it became clear to us that their reputation is quite unfair, and that their software was woefully mischaracterized by the industry at large.

ALEX: In light of that information, we felt we had no choice — in fact, had a solemn DUTY — to correct that misinformation in whatever way we could. So we did so by accurately reflecting the true nature of their software in our own.

CUSTOMER: So basically you’re saying that the entire computer security industry is wrong, completely wrong, flat-out wrong, and your software — ONLY your software — is right?

ALEX: Essentially, yes.

CUSTOMER: You guys say that a lot.

ALEX: It seems to happen a lot.

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