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Interlude: Cupertino

Interlude: Cupertino

Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, somewhere in Cupertino…

STEVE JOBS: What have you learned?

MINION: Everything is going according to plan, m’lord.

STEVE JOBS: Excellent. And our enemy?

MINION: No official response as of yet, m’lord. Our spies tell us he is displeased, but so far he has taken no action.

STEVE JOBS: Hm… is he overconfident? Or uncertain of his next step? or is he simply being cautious, waiting to see what develops? No matter… my plan is already in motion. he can do nothing.

MINION: You are most devious, m’lord.


STEVE JOBS: You did not mention my impeccable sense of style.

MINION: I will have myself flogged immediately, m’lord.

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