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An Imperfect Analogy, Continued

An Imperfect Analogy, Continued

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Once again we’re going to try and get Mark to explain the concept of “writer’s block.” Hopefully this time his answer is a little more —

MARK: Having writer’s block is sort of like having Binky following you around all day.

ALEX: Binky?

MARK: Yeah. A cheerful little voice in the back of your head keeps giving you useless suggestion after useless suggestion, and there’s no way for you to make it SHUT UP so you can concentrate on coming up with ideas that might actually WORK.


MARK: Wherever you go, that cheerful little voice follows you around saying “hey Skipper! It looks like you’re trying to write! Can I help?” And you say no, but all it does is LAUGH and try to “help” you anyway. That’s when you start begging it just GO AWAY, but it WON’T. And eventually you just give up and GO INSANE.


ALEX: Anything else?

MARK: No, I think that covers it.

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