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Robert’s Rules Of Disorder

Robert's Rules of Disorder

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Wow. This is a pretty good turnout.

MONK: A lot of employees wanted in on the unruly mob.

ALEX: Well, thank you all for coming. What we have to do is —

PHIL: Wait a minute.

ALEX: What?

PHIL: We don’t have pitchforks. Or torches, for that matter. We can’t be a very effective unruly mob without pitchforks and torches.

ALEX: Well, those are more traditionally found in a rural setti —

PHIL: I move we take a 15 minute break to get pitchforks and torches.


ALEX: Phil has put forth a motion, which has been seconded. What say you?


ALEX: Motion carried. Come back with pitchforks and torches in fifteen minutes.

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