Exposition, Impatience

Exposition, Impatience

Comic Transcript

SCOTT: Look, I’m not a mad scientist, evil genius, or criminal mastermind of any sort. none of the reasons you’ve given for unruly mobs explain why they want me as opposed to, say, the Boss.

BOSS: I believe I know why.

BOSS: Viktor is approaching the question from the perspective that the unruly mob is “good” and that Scott is “evil.” That is, after all, the traditional model.

BOSS: We know, however, that Scott is not “evil.” We also know that the unruly mob consists of Ubersoft employees… who, while not “evil,” are also not “good” in the traditional sense.

BOSS: if we look at it in this manner, it becomes clear that —

ALEX: We want Scott to stop trying to make the Boss good, because if he succeeds we’ll have to start doing actual work.


BOSS: I was getting to that.

ALEX: Unruly mob. We tend to be impatient.

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