Comic Transcript

ALEX: I don’t understand why you’re so depressed, Boss… there are plenty of challenges left for Ubersoft to face. Linux is becoming more popular, Apple’s iPod is the most popular music device in the world, Google is the top search engine on the Internet, Firefox is gaining in marketshare…

BOSS: These things mean nothing.

BOSS: Yes, we still face challenges… but these are not the challenges of a lean, hungry company seeking to grow its power… these are the challenges of the victor seeking to preserve what it already has.

BOSS: And now it has come to this… I must content myself with dreams of an earlier day. A day when the fight was new, and victory was sweet. I will go and remember those times.

(The BOSS leaves.)


MARK: The Boss is listening to Fleetwood Mac again.

ALEX: The Boss is out of his non-corporeal mind.

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