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Sensing The Problem

Sensing The Problem
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Comic Transcript

BOSS: I sense a great danger, Alex.

(MONK is standing alone in the background.)

ALEX: A what?

(MARK and SCOTT, both wearing iPods, appear at either side of MONK.)

BOSS: A great danger… something — an adversary — has invaded my domain… its presence puts us at peril.

(MONK is now wearing an iPOD.)

ALEX: An adversary?

BOSS: A competitor, Alex. Someone who will woo you with gifts and promises of great things…

(PHIL appears in the background.)

BOSS: And only when you have come to rely on those gifts, and trust those promises… only then will this competitor tighten the noose you have willingly places around your own neck.

(SCOTT, MONK and MARK surround PHIL.)


(PHIL is now wearing an iPod.)

ALEX: Sounds like something we’d do.

BOSS: It is an industry standard…

BARRY (appears in background): Hey guys, what’s going on?

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