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The Truth… Technically

The Truth... Technically
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Sis, I really can’t talk right now. I’m very busy trying to convince irate customers not to storm the gates.

ALICE: This is about that. You need to stop telling people that the thieves STOLE the names from our databases.

ALEX: Why do I need to stop telling people that?

ALICE: Because technically it isn’t true.

ALEX: Technically?

ALICE: Technically the identity thieves bought the names off the database legally, just like hundreds of other businesses have.

ALICE: So it’s really not so much a matter of the identity thieves stealing the names as it is them buying the names legally, with the intent to commit a crime with their legally purchased information.


ALEX: So we should tell everyone that we were too interested in profit to be bothered to determine whether these guys had any legitimate reason to be buying the information?

ALICE: Hmmm. Maybe you should keep telling people it was stolen.

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