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Willful Misrepresentation Of The Facts Never Felt So Good

Willful Misrepresentation Of The Facts Never Felt So Good
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: The Next Day

MARK: Hey, Alice, I have some good news.

ALICE: I can’t talk now. We have a press conference in an hour and I still don’t know how I’m going to sound sincere when I tell the truth about this report.

MARK: That’s what I’m here to tell you about. I read up on the study, and your take on it is a little misleading.

ALICE: It is?

MARK: Apparently the tests this guy ran were intended to simulate what someone with “average” computer skills would do when using both Nifty Doorways and Linux. There were all kinds of tricks and settings he could have used to make the Linux box more secure, but he didn’t use them because they weren’t things someone with “average” computer skills would know.

MARK: So essentially all the test really indicates is that it’s easier for someone to USE Nifty Doorway’s security features, not that those features were inherently better or more secure.

ALICE: Really?

MARK: Yeah.

ALICE: What a relief.

MARK: Crisis over?

ALICE: Now I can go out there and say “this study definitively proves that Nifty Doorways Server is inherently more secure than Linux” and I won’t even flinch.

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