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The Plan, In Full

The Plan, In Full
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: So basically you’ve turned off my internet access in order to force me to upgrade to ND XP, and the only reason you’ve done it is to get even more of my money.

ALEX: That’s not the only reason. This is part of a plan to change the face of the software retail industry.


ALEX: For years software retailers have been trying to push a “subscription model” of software purchasing, where the customer pays a yearly fee for the use of the software they buy. Customers have been reluctant to do that.

ALEX: So instead of calling our software a subscription model, we’re calling it what we always have and we’re just deactivating all the old programs at the end of every year. It has the same effect but avoids terminology that makes customers nervous.

CUSTOMER: So essentially what you’re saying is “a rose by any other name is still a mandatory upgrade if I ever want my Internet access back.”

ALEX: Thank you for calling Ubersoft Technical Support, and have a nice day.

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