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Comic Transcript

MARK: There’s no way that Nifty Doorways is inherently more secure than Linux.

ALICE: The report claims otherwise. And I didn’t even write it.

MARK: Linux uses an open development model! All of its code is available for scrutiny! If something is broken, anyone with the expertise to fix it can do so! Ubersoft has to depend completely on its development team to fix anything, and they’re too busy working on new features to fix old, broken ones!

ALICE: Maybe, but apparently that doesn’t matter. For whatever reason, some third party with absolutely no ties to us whatsoever has, against their own stated preferences, given us the nod for having the more secure product.

MARK: His own stated – This guy is a LINUX user?

ALICE: So he claims.


MARK: The guys who read Apostrophecolon are going to KILL him.

ALICE: We’ve offered him asylum.

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