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Delicate Negotiations

Delicate Negotiations
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Comic Transcript

PHIL: Alex, a bunch of us are going over to Mark’s apartment to try and peel him away from whatever computer game has him in its grip. Want to come?

ALEX: Why don’t we just relax and let him work this out of his system on his own time?

PHIL: Because it’s Mark. You know how wrapped up he can get in these things. When we were told to stop playing Uberquest in order to prove to the FDA it wasn’t a drug, the entire company bet he would be the one crack under the pressure.

ALEX: And he didn’t.

PHIL: Only because he found a loophole and started playing other games.

ALEX: It’s none of our business, Phil. We should just leave him alone.


PHIL: I promise not to bring up your Solitaire habit.

ALEX: I’m in.

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