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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I can’t believe you’re telling me the money I put down to extend my Ubersoft Antivirus 2003 installation has been WASTED after only two months because you’ve decided to no longer support the product!

ALEX: Not wasted. If you buy a year’s subscription to the 2005 release we’ll add 10 months to that subscription.

CUSTOMER: Oh? And what happens if you guys decide to stop supporting Antivirus 2005 a year and a half from now? What happens to my extra time then?

ALEX: If you buy the latest version, then we’ll add your remaining time to your new subscription.

CUSTOMER: So essentially, if you keep charging yearly subscriptions and dropping support for an older version two months after the subscriptions are due, you’ll wind up with people who have extra months they will never be able to use.

ALEX: We got the idea from cell phone companies.

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