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A Matter Of Symantecs

A Matter Of Symantecs
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: There’s something wrong with Ubersoft Antivirus.

ALEX: Ubersoft Antivirus is a state-of-the-art virus detection and eradication system, and has been proven to eliminate all manner of virus and worm intrusions.

CUSTOMER: That may be so, but two months ago I was told by my Ubersoft Antivirus 2003 installation that I needed to renew my subscription. Which I did. but now it’s telling me that I need to renew it AGAIN!

ALEX: That’s because we no longer support that version fot he software. We recommend updating to Ubersoft Antivirus 2005 immediately.

CUSTOMER: Are you telling me that the extra 10 months I have on my 2003 subscription are meaningless?

ALEX: No, but they do lack utility.

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