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Testing The Excuse

Testing The Excuse
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Comic Transcript

PHIL: I don’t understand… Exactly what did I do to “betray the very purpose of this company?”

BOSS: You know very well that testing code and fixing bugs are to be done ONLY in order to convince the end user to purchase the upgrade. Yet you were doing these things ina product we haven’t put to market!

PHIL: I was not!

BARY: Come on, Phil. You told me we weren’t going home until the latest build stopped crashing!

PHIL: What?

BARRY: What do you mean, “What?” You’ve been driving us crazy all week with yoru software testing… bug fixing… Re-compiling…

PHIL: What would you say if I told you that I’ve been out of the office all week?

BOSS: I would ruminate on the plight of a doomed man desperately clinging to his life.

MONK: I’d just shake my head sadly.

ALEX: I’d probably say something dry and sardonic.

PHIL: Nevermind, then.

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