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One Man’s Crack-Up Is Another Man’s Vacation

One Man's Crack-Up Is Another Man's Vacation
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: We have to find a way to take Phil out of the picture for a few weeks, to give us a chance to de-program him, or whatever it is we need to do in order to restore his old, laissez-faire work habits. I think I know how.

ALEX: We all know that the Scott works here because his strong sense of duty and his desire to do quality work acts as a model of the things we need to avoid doing at all cost. When he’s not here we’re in danger of slipping into dangerous patterns of ethical behavior.

ALEX: If we tell the Boss that Scott took two weeks of vacation starting this week it’ll help explain Phil’s behavior. That’s the excuse we’ll use to pull him off the job without it reflecting badly on him personally.

SCOTT: Vacation? I can take a vacation?

ALEX: Only because Phil is having some sort of nervous breakdown.

SCOTT: Well thank God for his fragile mind.

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