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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Ever since I registered the latest version fo UberWordSoftPro I’ve been getting a ridiculous amount of spam.


CUSTOMER: So I’m convinced Ubersoft has been giving my email address to advertisers, even though during the registration process, your site claimed it would do no such thing.

ALEX: Well, that’s not entirely true.

CUSTOMER: What do you mean? It said quite clearly that the email address was used only to inform me of new software updates, and that you did not share it with other customers.

ALEX: Well, yes, it does say that, but it doesn’t say that on any official document. Our terms of use agreement clearly states that we may from time to time sell your email address to a third party, if the situation warrants it.

CUSTOMER: If the situation warrants it? When does the situation warrant it?

ALEX: When they pay us money.

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