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Step Three: Profit

Step Three: Profit
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Comic Transcript

ALICE: Hi big brother! I’m no my way to another PIRATE act planning meeting and just wanted to stop by and say hello.

ALEX: Have you decided exactly how you’re going to make money off of that yet?

ALICE: Oh, yes. Basically we’re going to use double jeopardy.

ALEX: What?

ALICE: “Double Jeopardy” is when you try someone twice for the same crime. You can’t do that in a criminal court, but you can in civil court.


ALICE: So if the PIRATE Act passes, we’ll pay close attention whenever the government brings a civil suit against one of our customers. If they win, we’ll consider that a go-ahead for suing that customer for the same thing… only for a much, much higher amount.


ALICE: You don’t seem to appreciate the simplicity and brilliance of this plan.

ALEX: Sorry. I was distracted by the sound of the legal system throwing itself off a bridge in despair.

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