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Democracy: Divide By Zero, Part Seven

Democracy: Divide By Zero, Part Seven
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Comic Transcript

PHIL: We need a plan.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of everything.

PHIL: How so?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I’ve arranged for a representative of Ubersoft to act as a middleman on our behalf.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: He’s going to make sure we’re well taken care of until the rest of my legal team comes up with our exit strategy. All we need to do is lay low and let him take care of everything.

PHIL: Who is it?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Don’t worry, you’ve worked with him before.

BINKY: Heya Skipper!

PHIL: We need a new plan, Viktor. WE NEED A NEW PLAN.

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