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Viral Containment, Finale

Viral Containment, Finale
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Sir, there is really only way to assure that you will not be affected by viruses, and that is not to connect to the Internet in any way, shape or form. Still, I’d like to assure you that most of the current concern about viruses is overblown and unwarranted.

CUSTOMER: Oh it is, is it?

ALEX: Yes… In fact, we have found that most viruses infect machines only AFTER we have gone through the trouble of creating and releasing a patch intended to prevent the virus from working. The only reason we release patches is because our customers demand it.

CUSTOMER: What? Come on, that’s the most blatant attempt at shifting the blame I’ve ever heard.

ALEX: You’re right. That really wasn’t up to my usual standards.

CUSTOMER: Try again. Everyone has an off-day.

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