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Squaring Off

Squaring Off
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Comic Transcript

FED: As you may know, the FDA is currently reviewing whether your game “UberQuest” should be classified as a controlled substance and therefore be subject to regulation. Based on some of our preliminary findings, we think that just might be the case.

BOSS: Nonsense.

BOSS: UberQuest is a game and nothing more. Such accusations are made by ignorant people with an irrational fear of technology.

FED: On the contrary, we have reports of people who have become so addicted to this game that they have lost their jobs… their homes… suffered divorces…

BOSS: Irrelevant.

BOSS: This game does not contribute to violent crime… nor are its players any more likely to join a criminal subculture after playing it.

FED: We feel that has more to do with the game’s tendency to suck away any of the free time required to engage in those criminal activities than anything else.

BOSS: A minor detail.

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