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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Ubersoft Technical Support. Alex speaking.

CUSTOMER: Hello Alex, I’m calling because I’ve upgraded to the latest version of UberWordSoftPro, and for some reason I can no longer open any of my documents.

ALEX: Did you give yourself permission to view them?


ALEX: UberWordSoftPro comes with the very latest in intellectual property management software. You are able to define a) who the owner of the IP is, and b) who is able to view it, and c) who is able to modify it.


ALEX: The default setting is to grant ownership and sole readership rights to Ubersoft, but that setting can be changed. In fact, there’s an option to change it during setup, but you may have skipped over it.

CUSTOMER: Well, how do I change the ownership of the documents so I can work on them?

ALEX: At the moment, you can’t. Since the documents are probably set to show Ubersoft as the owner, only Ubersoft can relinquish them back to you.

CUSTOMER: Fine. Can you hurry up and do that so I can work on my documents?

ALEX: I’m sorry, but we don’t relinquish our intellectual property.

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