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Computer Freud

Computer Freud
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Ubersoft Technical Support, Alex speaking. Can I help you?

CUSTOMER: Yes, you can help me. You can answer a question. Why is it the more “user friendly” you people make something, the harder and more unreliable it is to use?

ALEX: Well, user interface design is very complicated process. You see, in order for a piece of software to be successful and popular with the public, it needs to be both intuitive and engaging. If it is only intuitive, then it’s easy to use but people get bored when they use it, and will switch to a product that is less boring, even if it’s harder to use. in some instances, people will even PREFER to use the more difficult program if it provides them with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

CUSTOMER: You INTENTIONALLY make software difficult to use?

ALEX: Only because, on some level, you want us to.

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