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The Pirates of Remonstrance

The Pirates of Remonstrance
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Comic Transcript

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Hello, Alex. I trust you are doing well.

ALEX: Er… yes. Why do you want to know?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I don’t. I’m just making a vague attempt at small talk before I start grilling you about this real-life pirate who decided to sue the RIAA for infringing on their trademark.

ALEX: I’ve already told everyone what I know, and the tape of the call is available for review.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I suppose so… This is an interesting case, Alex.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: On the one hand we support the RIAA’s actions to a certain extent because if they’re successful it will restrict what a consumer can do with a product. On the other hand, our employer and their employer, being essentially the same creature, hate each other with a passion few have ever felt. So before we make any decisions, we need to have the whole story.

ALEX: Well, I suppose it’s good that you’re being so cautious –

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Though I have to admit, offering to represent the pirates in their suit against the RIAA would be a lot of fun.

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