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Exactly The Wrong Kind Of Pirate, Part IV

Exactly The Wrong Kind Of Pirate, Part IV
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I can’t believe this “RIAA” has tarnished my profession’s nefarious image by using the term “piracy” in conjunction with something so… something so…

ALEX: Non-threatening?

CUSTOMER: YES! We work hard at being the “terror of the seas” you know. It doesn’t help when a pack of lawyers makes people associate what we do with ap ack of pasty-faced thirteen year olds trading music when they get home from school.

CUSTOMER: Well, I won’t stand for this. something must be DONE.

ALEX: You plan to keelhaul them, perhaps?

CUSTOMER: Oh, no… something worse. Something much, much worse.

TV PERSONALITY: This just in… A group of ocean-faring pirates are suing the RIAA for “violating their trademark and diluting the strength of their product line.”

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