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A Fair Question

A Fair Question
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Comic Transcript

MONK: Hey Alex, are they ever going to let you come back to working the Help Desk?

ALEX: Yes, but not just yet. I haven’t miraculously fixed any buggy software for a while, but they want to make sure it doesn’t suddenly come back. So I’m working on the PR campaign for the next release.

MONK: Oh, that doesn’t sound too bad.

ALEX: It has its moments. They’re sort of nervous about how popular OSX is in the press, so they’ve come up with a name they feel “one-ups” Apple.

MONK: Really? I thought they were just going to call it “Nifty Doorways 2010,” or something like that.

ALEX: No… they’re calling it “Nifty Doorways Y.”

MONK: “Why?”

ALEX: I have no idea.

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