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Classical Conditioning

Classical Conditioning
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Comic Transcript

PHIL: So, Alex, how are you feeling?

ALEX: I’ve shaved, taken a shower… I feel much better.

PHIL: Good, because we’re going to need you to put in some overtime this week. UberQuest went gold Friday, and should be hitting the stores any day now.

ALEX: What, already? We barely tested it.

PHI: Alex, beta testing is not, as some might suppose, the part of game development devoted to fixing bugs. Oh, sure, we fix the occasional show-shoppers, but that’s really not what a beta program is FOR.

ALEX: Well, what is it for, then?

PHIL: It’s for determining whether or not the game is addictive enough to compel someone to play DESPITE the presence of bugs.


ALEX: If you’ll excuse me, I’m late for an appointment with a bell and some powdered meat.

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