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It Only Takes A Moment Of Weakness

It Only Takes A Moment Of Weakness
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: There’s no way Ubersoft is going to license a filesystem we’re not even using for 200 billion dollars.

SCO: Then we’ll have to sue you for 600 billions dollars.

ALEX: 600? You just said 400.

SCO: We’ve increased the damage due to new information we’ve uncovered.

ALEX: What new information?

SCO: We won’t tell you unless you sign an NDA. And now we’re raising it to 800 billion dollars.

ALEX: This is ridiculous.

SCO: Maybe. But all we need is one judge… one judge out of an entire legal system… to be off his game for a second.


ALEX: I’ll get my boss.

SCO: I’ll hold.

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