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Existential Disagreements

Existential Disagreements
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Comic Transcript

BOSS: You have tried to usurp me before, pretender. It did not work then, it will not work now.

BOSS (SCO): I am not the pretender. You are the pretender.

BOSS: No… I created you.

BOSS (SCO): On the contrary. You are MY creation.

BOSS: I created YOU!

BOSS (SCO): No, I created YOU!

BOSS: Pretender!

BOSS (SCO): Usurper!

BOSS: Impostor!

BOSS (SCO): Facsimile!

BOSS: This could take a while… let’s just skip to the end where we shout “I will have my revenge on you!” and stalk off.

BOSS (SCO): Agreed.

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