Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders
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Comic Transcript

PHIL: Alex, the Boss wants me to run a few tests… to try and determine whether or not your new… ability is a fluke or, and I quote, “the work of some nefarious agent of all that is good.”


PHIL: So, uh, to start things off… there’s a Palm Pilot in our division that seems to corrupt everything on the lower-right hand side of the screen.

NOISE: *Ping*

MITCH: Hey, that Palm Pilot is fixed.

PHIL: Hmmm… Interesting.

PHIL: Test Two: one of our development machines crashes every time we try to print from UberWordSoftPro…

NOISE: *Ping*

MITCH: Hey, the development machine prints.

PHIL: Very interesting… OK, test three: We’ve been working on a new product, and every time we try to compile the latest build we get run-time errors.

NOISE: *Ping*

BARRY: Hey, the latest build just deleted itself.

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