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CUSTOMER: Hello, Ubersoft? I registered for your Ubersoftware Customer Upgrade Protection (TM) Service, which is supposed to cover two years worth of software upgrades… But when I tried to upgrade some of my server management software, I was informed that my coverage had expired. I’d only registered a year ago! What’s going on?

ALEX: Let me check… let’s see… oh, here it is. Apparently your coverage has expired.

CUSTOMER: How? I only registered last year, it’s supposed to last for two years.

ALEX: We revised our service agreement. It now only lasts for one year.

CUSTOMER: But I paid for two!

ALEX: The service agreement stipulates that we may change any part of the service agreement without notifying you of said change, and that you are still bound by that change.

CUSTOMER: I don’t suppose you’re going to change that part of the service agreement, are you?

ALEX: I don’t suppose we are.

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