Plotting an Intervention: Bushwhacking
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Comic Transcript

MONK: And that’s when I realized… That blue screen is actually pretty neat!

BINKY: Ooooo!

MARK: Wow!

ALEX (Off-panel): Uh, hey guys…

ALEX (Off-panel): Could you send Monk out here… For just a second? Just him.

BINKY: Sure thing!

MONK: Later guys!

BINKY: That was a great story!

MARK: Yeah! It made me happy!

VOICES (Off-panel): Get him! Ow! Hey!

BINKY: Monk tells GREAT stories!

MARK: I agree!

VOICES (Off-panel): I’ve got his leg! Get the rope! He has my neck! He has my neck! Get the blindfold and the gag!

MARK: I wonder where he is right now?

ALEX (Off-panel): Hey Mark, could you step out here for just a sec?

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