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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Hello, Ubersoft? I’m interested in purchasing your UberDSL service…

ALEX: All right. Hold on a sec while we test the wires in your house. Phil!

PHIL: Yeah.

ALEX: Customer needs a DSL test on his lines.

PHIL: OK. Hang on a sec.

ALEX: Sir, we’re going to test the wires in your house, to see if they’re compatible with our DSL Technology.

CUSTOMER: Why do you need to test the wires?

ALEX: Well our DSL technology works with copper wires, but some newer houses use fibre optics, and we don’t support that.

CUSTOMER: So how do you all determine that my wires are copp *GZZZZZZZZZT* OW! Hey! !@#$%$!!!!

PHIL: It’s copper.

ALEX: OK sir, we’re ready to set you up now.

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