Think Differently: Phil

Think Differently: Phil

PHIL: I know it’s not really a cup holder. Really, I do. But sometimes, if I’m very drunk or very hung over, I’ll try to use it as one.

PHIL: Sometimes it works. Sometimes I lean on it and it snaps right off, spilling my drink all over my computer and creating an ugly mess. Hey… it happens.

PHIL: Fortunately, Nifty Doorways runs on an open specification as far as hardware is concerned… so you can just walk into any PC store anywhere in the world and find whatever part you need replaced.

PHIL: A commonly available operating system running on commonly available parts. After all, that’s what computing is all about.

PHIL: My name is Phil, and I’m a programmer.

NARRATOR: Nifty Doorways. Alcoholics prefer it.

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