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Think Differently: Mark

Think Differently: Mark
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Comic Transcript

MARK: Yeah, I’m a tech writer by trade and I have to write a lot of documentation. I worked as a consultant for a long, long time… and if it weren’t for Nifty Doorways, I would never have been able to support myself in the manner to which I was accustomed.

MARK: Here’s the drill: you get a project that should take no more than a week to do, if everything goes right. The first day, you write a lot of documentation.

MARK: The second day, you load up the document and find out that it’s been corrupted by UberWordSoftPro for some reason. you don’t know why. You spend that day trying to recover your work, then give up. You spend the third day re-writing all the work you did on the first day.

MARK: On the forth day, you open the document and find out that for some reason, the formatting has been hopelessly screwed up. it looks like the document has been automatically reset to European pagination, the fonts seem to be missing, it’s a mess. It takes all day to fix. By the fifth day, you’ve only done one day of work.

MARK: When your manager asks you why you’ve missed yoru deadline, you jsut shrug your shoulders helplessly and say “Nifty Doorways has screwed everything up. What can I do?” And while technically it was an UberWordSoft Pro problem and not a problem of the operating system itself, your manager will nod knowingly, sigh, and you’ll both pop off to the local pub for a drink. And you get paid for four more weeks of the same routine.

MARK: My name is Mark and I’m a technical writer.

NARRATOR: Nifty Doorways. It keeps you employed.

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