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Shilling For The Man, Part 1

Shilling For The Man, Part 1
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Comic Transcript

ALICE: You have all been selected to appear in a series of commercials intended to increase the use of Ubersoft Nifty Doorways, eXcellent Product (TM).

ALEX: Increase the use?

ALICE: That’s right. We’re hoping to counter the effects of Apple’s latest marketing campaign by creating a similar series of ads that say the opposite thing.

MARK: The opposite thing? So we’re going to say we switched from OS X to Nifty Doorways?

ALICE: Well… No.

MONK: Because that would mean we’d have to have an OS X machine first.

ALICE: I see what you mean.

MARK: I wouldn’t mind getting an OS X machine.

ALICE: Be quiet.

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