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Psychic DMCA Hotline

Psychic DMCA Hotline
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Comic Transcript

JUDGE: I hereby declare this court in session, and I demand to know why I shouldn’t throw this case out on the grounds that it’s idiotic, and it’s wasting my time.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Well, Your Honor, I can explain.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, it is up to the accused party to prove that they have NOT infringed on the claimant’s intellectual property. If they can, they are of course without liability. If they can’t this trial must proceed until they can prove their innocence, or until we can prove their culpability.

JUDGE: I can’t stand it.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: As soon as Verant proves they did NOT use psychics to guess what our product name would have been, in order to devalue that name by using a derivative thereof, we’ll be happy to wind this up and go home.

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